Shitlord pray

31. prosince 2016 v 10:29 | Klášterník |  Klášterníkův kosmos
Let´s pray,
For a day,
Without idiots
like … (fill in to these dots).

When anyone around,
Doesn´t looks like hellhound,
Tryin to bit you ass,
As you try around pass.

Wihout hearin racist,
facist, rapist,
from every fucking corner,
from dawn of the day til his over.

Atleast for one day,
From shits away stay,
Like triggering trigger,
That her tits are bigger.

Without meet a bitch,
Ugly more than witch,
From Oz the Wizzard,
Casting at you rapist blizzard.

Without hearing their misery,
"Aww, thei didn´t vote Killary".
We gotta to protest against Trump,
Stop the higways traffic, it´s enough dumb.

Turning white into black,
Oh, wait, what the heck,
We wuz kingz an shiiiit,
Why my eyes refuse to bleed.

That wish is kinda big,
Go yourself dig,

If you don´t like it.

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