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She has just moved into the town,
I invited her to my home,
But to be really fair,
Its no home, its a lair.

How she can come then,
Into this scary den?
Well, she ll come soon,
Shit! I stepped on the spoon!

I don´t want her to come,
Until this mess is done lll be gone,
Got no time to make it done,
I must rent a caravan.

Stuff here is really great,
Another reason for all the hate,
Now I only need to wait,
And hope that she doesn´t come in late.

Was waiting allmost entire night,
Where the problem be might?
I am coming back home,
Found her sleeping by the door.

Oh, such a shame!
But I can only myself blame.
I forget to tell her that she had to come,
On the backyard of my home.

Now, she has awoken up in my lair,
And I must be again fair,
Cause this chaos she like, really,
Altough if this sounds silly.

Now we living like a pair,

In our very own lair.

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